Pantone 510 C | Mixed & Compiled by DJ Shea Butter x Listen Linda

In nature, sound and color both exist as waveforms. A distinguishing characteristic between the two are their origins-  sound is mechanical, it’s origins are born by vibration. By contrast, color is continuous, a phenomenon that occurs by the absorption of frequencies by an object.  

This mix was a happy accident between the two. The origins of this monthly mix series were vague, but myself and Shea set out with the intention of mixing palettes to paint a sonic backdrop to whatever may be your listening experience- at work, at home, or in the car.  Where sound creates, light absorbs, and our design team then took to the visual task of translating this experience. 

With collaboration as our cornerstone, what we aim to offer in this release and of future in this mix series, is a digital record of our collective experiences, timely, but always relevant in any participle- past, future and present.  

Alech - Soul Brother
Tuxedo - July
Steve Lacy - Some
Reva DeVito & Roane Namuh - C(h)ampagne
Daniel Caesar - Get You (feat. Kali Uchis)
Yussef Kamaal - Black Focus
Matt Martians - Dent Jusay ft. Syd & Steve Lacy
Muzzy Legault - Liver Lounge
Chris McClenney-What You Mean to Me
Yaw- Where Would You Be
BADBADNOTGOOD - The IV Recording Sessions (LIVE)
April + Vista - Daggers
Odd Future - Session (feat. Hodgy Beats & BranDun Deshay)