Kelly | Mixed & Compiled by MarkPLSTK x Dan Lê Nguyễn

Mixed & Compiled by
MarkPLSTK x Dan Lê Nguyễn

Not everything in this life needs to be unboxed. The mysteries of nature and mankind are pleasantries that fled Pandora’s grasp long ago, and they continue to stay free from human comprehension for a reason. They tease at the sincerity housed within and ask us to reevaluate our shifting reflections at the pool’s edge. This is what is contained in the layers that play out in kelly: enigmas in sound, juxtaposed truths, and the anticipation that lives in those spaces.

As these songs convene in haziness and the undercurrent of emotions awash your senses, let kelly take you deeper into the abyss of the heart and unearth the possibilities found in the journey. We enjoyed crafting this mix for your ears, and the rest of your bodily receptors as well, because music is an experience.

Take kelly with you wherever you go and be sure to share it with a loved one. We hope this first installment grounds you, inspires you, and finds you as well. See you on the next one.

This compilation contains music from Jamie Isaac / BSN Posse / Shevskee / Taylor Bense & Greg Paulus / D.R.A.M. & Erykah Badu / Outlit with Sophie Meyers / Rejjie Snow / Giraffage & Viceroy with Patrick Baker / G.KNOW / Juke'n'tosh Plus / Beauty Sounds / Manul & Energy Man / Flava D / El Blanco Nino & V E S A / Moebius / william & fluxxy.

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