A Beginner's Guide to Gavin Turek

If you aren't familiar with Gavin Turek's music, fear not. There's no need to wait until Treasure Island Music Festival 2018 to realize she's bomb. Here is a simplified cliff note guide to her music. You're welcome.

AFFILIATED GENRES: Soulful Genuine Pop, Indie Dance, Disco Pop, Electro-funk, Synthpop
SOUNDS LIKE: Tuxedo, Chromeo (less funk and more girl power), Progressive Childish Gambino, Vintage Solange, Goldroom with less synths and more soul, Breakbot

Singer, songwriter, trained dancer, DIY fashion designer, and owner of her very own label (Madame Gold Records), Gavin Turek is a one-woman show serving up funky, eclectic sounds with notes of pop, disco, and soul. Highly regarded for her one-of-a-kind onstage presence and charisma, the LA artist has formally addressed herself overall as “A Performer” with an affinity for disco and an element of escapism. While her music exudes definite origins of Diana Ross, Donna Summer, and Prince (to name a few), Gavin is also well versed in collaborating with electro producers such as TOKiMONSTA, Gigamesh (who will also be gracing the Continental stage this upcoming summer), and Passion Pit. A disco queen with a diverse music palette.

Join us at TCS as we bask in her glitter-infused debut live performance this Thursday April 27th. Tickets available here

Check her out in all her "glamorous retro haze" in her newly released music video The Distance, featured off her new EP album Good Look For You.



(In no particular order)


Good Look For You

Bouncy feel-good track that’s comparable to Breakbot’s sound. Guaranteed to kick off any morning, with or without the right amount of caffeine. 


On The Line

A poppy heartfelt homage to Motown music. If Solange and Tuxedo produced a music love child, this track would be the exact product of that arrangement. 


Don’t Fight It

Featured song from her 2015 EP Frontline, this nostalgic summer track sounds like a plot thickener song for an 80’s coming of age movie. Perfect for lifting any case of the Mondays.


Its the Light

While the track initially starts off with a “Billie Jean”-type bpm, its slow incorporation of synths, drums, bass, and manipulated vocal harmonies deepens and adds complexity. The utilization of synths on this track serves as the main focal point, giving a warm homage to 80’s synth pop.


My Delight

A healthy mix of 70's disco funk and 80's electro pop. Peep the slight references to Bucketheads (or Pitbull? Nevermind I'll show myself out..). Solid track featuring booming bass lines and synthetic textures.



Smooth, dreamy, pop-progressive sounds, think Flume with feminine power, less bass drops, and a little more disco. Two of seven tracks off her mini album collaboration with Brainfeeder female DJ TOKiMONSTA. This collaboration is like pouring chocolate milk in your reeses puffs. Delicious. I mean really good. Two really good things mixing is the analogy.

For more music by Gavin Turek check out her
Soundcloud page below. Tickets to see her shake her booty available HERE.