MarkPLSTK - My Deviation

MarkPLSTK has long since been our trusted ear to the classic, the new and the emerging out of the vastness of the electronic scene. His new release, My Deviation 001, features two flips of 90's R&B tracks into downtempo, soulful melodies that speak at a 160/80 cadence. 

Listen to more by MarkPLSTK on his Soundcloud, or hear him play live at The Changing Same's weekly Thursday residency at The Continental Bar Lounge & Patio. 

A Beginner's Guide to Gigamesh

Genre: NuDisco, Future Bass, 80’s pop synth, Time Traveling music
Sounds like: Poppy Flume, Le Youth, Zimmer, Fred Falke, M83 (with less earth shattering sound), Mellowed out Clean Bandit, Disco Daft Punk

If you hate sunshine, green grass, and world peace, Gigamesh’s music may possibly not be catered to your tastes. With a sound deeply rooted in disco, house, and electronica and a song resume (does this exist? Please advise.) that includes Mike Posner’s ‘Cooler than Me’; one might make the mistake to write off the multi-platinum artist as just another “deep”/tropical house DJ. Regardless, we as open-minded creatives know better 😎.

With that in regard, here are a few selected tracks to help you capture the elegant essence of the Minneapolis-turned-LA based artist. Per his 2017-2018 tour, Gigamesh will be gracing the humble stage of Continental Bar Thursday June 8th 2017. Tickets to see him live, up close, and personal in Downtown San Jose are available HERE


All My Life ft. Jana Nyberg

80’s synth pop sound. For optimum audio experience, buy a plane ticket to Las Vegas, wait til the sun sets, then walk the strip. If you’re on a budget you can also rent Saints Row IV. Fun Fact: Someone on the MTV show, Catfish, tried passing off this song as his own. Thusly proving that this song maintains long distance relationships. 


The Music

Four minutes and fifty-one seconds of uplifting disco synths and vocals; pure happiness once described as “the perfect progressive house set opener”.

Control ft. Caroline Smith

A shimmery disco-funk reinterpretation of Queen Janet Jackson’s ‘Control’. Per Gigamesh’s soundcloud, this particular collaboration (featuring fellow Minneapolis native, Caroline Smith) serves as a humble homage to not only the 1986 album, but also the “Minneapolis Sound” which was pioneered by Prince in the late 1970s.


Scared To Be Lonely (Remix)

If you get past the first minute of this remix, you’ll find a healthy balance of jersey, disco, and future bass. This mix serves as a solid midpoint between the sounds of Wave Racer and Flume.


Promises LTD – Days of Lavender Remix

Sublime, mellow edit with nostalgic triggers. 


Fleetwood Mac – Dreams edit

With great respect to the 1970’s hit, Gigamesh manages to gracefully blend his signature sound with Fleetwood Mac’s soft rock. Some would complain that this interpretation of the song is too similar to the original. Yes…because it’s an edit. A really fucking good one. No, I’ve never gotten a light show to this song…. 


For a more in-depth look at his music, check out his debut album Time Travel. As someone who has seen him live, no online playlist could do him justice. Join us at TCS as we kick off our summer with Gigamesh at Continental Bar Thursday June 8th. Tickets available here

Additional Links:

Youtube Channel

DJ Shadow - Systematic (feat. Nas)

When you get two giants like DJ Shadow and Nas together on a track you got the formula for something timeless for the speakers. "Systematic" is flavored with tons of old-school boom-bap, with a futuristic twist, that will have any urban purist in constant head noddin'. You can peep the official video below, and cop it soon off the Silicon Valley soundtrack on Mass Appeal Records

The Peaches Crew: Fast Five with Umami & That Girl

Let it be known, the Peaches Crew are the real deal. This Bay Area based DJ collective has been representing for the ladies for over seven years, party rocking at numerous events in-and-out of the region. The current roster is filled with some notable selectors: Lady Fingaz, Deeandroid, Umami, That Girl, Deejay Andre, Pony P, Smokey Rose, and Lady Ryan. All styles of sounds represented, with the techniques and skills to match.

We got down to talking with Umami and That Girl before their sets at The Changing Same (San Jose, CA) to hear about their experiences and influences as DJs and as avid music appreciators. Check out their answers below, and make sure to set aside some time in your life to see these ladies live.


DJ Umami

UG: Could you name some of your DJ influences, locally and abroad, who have helped to shape your signature style? What were some of things you took away from their approach to mixing and sound selection? 

Umami: Craze, Atrak, Shortkut, Apollo, Spinna, J-Rocc, Vinroc, J-Boogie, Eko, Neil Armstrong, to name a few. I used to jock Neil Armstrong's old mixtapes where he incorporated samples and blend them with songs. That's something I try to do in some of my mixes. 

For the most part, I have been locally influence more than anything. The Bangerz hold a real huge part in influencing me in my earlier years, attending Music Machine at SoFA Lounge back in the day. I consider Cutso my mentor and hold his opinions and critique high.

UG: How did you come up with your name? 

Umami: A friend of mine who was a chef, told me what the meaning of Umami was. I thought that a 5th flavor could also be applied to music. Plus, it sounded like “ohh-mami”, which I thought was fitting being a mother of two. 

UG: Do you have a particular artist you enjoy working into your sets every night? 

Umami: I hate and love him, but I always find myself playing hella Drake. Why God, why?

UG: What are some of your favorite parties to spin at, or attend? 

Umami: I have an 80s, 90s, and “New Shit" party in Oakland called "Word!". The crowd there is so receptive to everything, and I look forward to it monthly.

UG: If you could meet one of your musical heroes, who would it be and what question would you like to ask them?

Umami: I would LOVE to meet queen Erykah Badu. She's my heroine. I don't know what I would ask, but I might do a “I’m-not-worthy” (Wayne’s World) her on my knees and bow-the-fuck-down. But nah, I would probably ask her to tell me stories about her and Dilla and about the time when he came through and produced some of her tracks on Mama's Gun

Once I met A-trak and ended up talking to him about his hair. I regret it everyday, and wish I'd have asked something more substantial.  


DJ That Girl

UG: Could you name some of your DJ influences, locally and abroad, who have helped to shape your signature style? What were some of things you took away from their approach to mixing and sound selection?

That Girl: My earliest DJ influences spanned both locally and abroad across all different genres.

- Hip-Hop: DJ Revolution, Jazzy Jeff, DJ AM, Mark Ronson, Beat Junkies, Invisibl Skratch Pickles.

- House: Osunlade, Masters at Work, Mark Farina, Black Coffee, Moodyman, Rich Medina.

- Downtempo: DJ Cam, DJ Krush, DJ Shadow, Nightmares on Wax, Jazzanova.

- Locally: The Bangerz, Triple Threat DJs, Sake One, Teeko, Pam the Funkstress, DJ Zita, DJ Neta, DJ Eko. 

I recognized how different types of music could conjure different moods. I studied the ways that DJs could tell a story by weaving together tracks. They could take you up, take you down, make you want to cry, fuck, fight, fall in love, or start a riot. I play pretty much everything depending on where I want to take the crowd.

UG: How did you come up with your name?

That Girl: When I first started DJing, I would often hear people in the background making comments such as “There’s that girl”, “It’s that one girl again”, “Who’s that girl”, etc. I didn’t know what else to call myself so “That Girl” just stuck.

UG: Do you have a particular artist you enjoy working into your sets every night?

That Girl: No one in particular, it changes all the time.

UG: What are some of your favorite parties to spin at, or attend? 

That Girl: The Changing Same @ The Continental, San Jose. The People @ The New Parish, in Oakland. The Do-Over @ various locations.

UG: If you could meet one of your musical heroes, who would it be and what question would you like to ask them?

That Girl: If I could meet one of my musical hero’s it would be Sade and I would ask her to be my wife.




A Beginner's Guide to Gavin Turek

If you aren't familiar with Gavin Turek's music, fear not. There's no need to wait until Treasure Island Music Festival 2018 to realize she's bomb. Here is a simplified cliff note guide to her music. You're welcome.

AFFILIATED GENRES: Soulful Genuine Pop, Indie Dance, Disco Pop, Electro-funk, Synthpop
SOUNDS LIKE: Tuxedo, Chromeo (less funk and more girl power), Progressive Childish Gambino, Vintage Solange, Goldroom with less synths and more soul, Breakbot

Singer, songwriter, trained dancer, DIY fashion designer, and owner of her very own label (Madame Gold Records), Gavin Turek is a one-woman show serving up funky, eclectic sounds with notes of pop, disco, and soul. Highly regarded for her one-of-a-kind onstage presence and charisma, the LA artist has formally addressed herself overall as “A Performer” with an affinity for disco and an element of escapism. While her music exudes definite origins of Diana Ross, Donna Summer, and Prince (to name a few), Gavin is also well versed in collaborating with electro producers such as TOKiMONSTA, Gigamesh (who will also be gracing the Continental stage this upcoming summer), and Passion Pit. A disco queen with a diverse music palette.

Join us at TCS as we bask in her glitter-infused debut live performance this Thursday April 27th. Tickets available here

Check her out in all her "glamorous retro haze" in her newly released music video The Distance, featured off her new EP album Good Look For You.



(In no particular order)


Good Look For You

Bouncy feel-good track that’s comparable to Breakbot’s sound. Guaranteed to kick off any morning, with or without the right amount of caffeine. 


On The Line

A poppy heartfelt homage to Motown music. If Solange and Tuxedo produced a music love child, this track would be the exact product of that arrangement. 


Don’t Fight It

Featured song from her 2015 EP Frontline, this nostalgic summer track sounds like a plot thickener song for an 80’s coming of age movie. Perfect for lifting any case of the Mondays.


Its the Light

While the track initially starts off with a “Billie Jean”-type bpm, its slow incorporation of synths, drums, bass, and manipulated vocal harmonies deepens and adds complexity. The utilization of synths on this track serves as the main focal point, giving a warm homage to 80’s synth pop.


My Delight

A healthy mix of 70's disco funk and 80's electro pop. Peep the slight references to Bucketheads (or Pitbull? Nevermind I'll show myself out..). Solid track featuring booming bass lines and synthetic textures.



Smooth, dreamy, pop-progressive sounds, think Flume with feminine power, less bass drops, and a little more disco. Two of seven tracks off her mini album collaboration with Brainfeeder female DJ TOKiMONSTA. This collaboration is like pouring chocolate milk in your reeses puffs. Delicious. I mean really good. Two really good things mixing is the analogy.

For more music by Gavin Turek check out her
Soundcloud page below. Tickets to see her shake her booty available HERE.

An SXSW Abstract.

Dearest Austin,

You’ve captivated and muddled my sheltered, cynical heart. Your taste in foods is progressive and damn good, without all the pretentious stigmas that are easily attached to fusion restaurants. Parts of you are new and shiny, and other parts of you are rustic and timeless—a solid mix of innovation and old-school culture. You would be the exact product of everything cities like Portland, SF/Berkeley, and New Orleans strive to be collectively. Don't get me wrong; each respective city is special in their own right, but you've somehow figured out how to emulate all strengths gracefully and cohesively. We ended up connecting with our long lost festival dad while standing in the endless line for the Tumblr Party, which actually didn't seem that long with great company. Though we were only present for the Tech weekend, it was nice getting a little taste of the SXSW glory. A great city with an even greater heart, and substantial taste in music. And weather that’s almost as bipolar as San Francisco’s, maybe a little more forgiving to the pretentious girl from the Bay Area who forgot to bring a decent jacket. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t enamored with you and the people inside of you, Austin. Anyway, let's keep this friendship going— I’ll see you next year. During music week? With a thrice revised excel planning sheet. And a waterproof jacket. I think I'll leave the Japanese whiskey at home. Austin, it’s been about three weeks since I’ve been inside of you and I miss you all the same. Thank yooou for the memories!



Restaurants :

  • Torchy’s Tacos
  • Ramen Tatsu-Ya
  • Micklethwait Craft Meats
  • Via 313 Pizza
  • I can't remember the rest due to consistent inebriation throughout the weekend

Bonus video if you're looking for further recommendations. Also, this is literally the first Vice Munchies feature I ever watched. Past Me connecting with Present Me :) 

Serato DJ & Ableton Link: Stro, Manwell, 14kt

Hypothetically, when worlds tend to collide they promptly shift the paradigms of our cognitive understanding of what's possible, way out there, in the entirely of the universe. Technology has always been a bridge towards the advancements in social communication, industrial globalization, and in many thankful cases, human creativity. In this video we have some of the most respected producers and DJs in the game, Stro Elliot, Manwell, and 14kt, combine their talents and ingenuity to create this magnificent composition utilizing the latest performance tools by two giants of the industry, Serato and Ableton. Challenged to utilize only their own original music in this exercise, these three professionals create an auditory voyage that demostrates their prowess on the turntables and pads.