A Beginner's Guide to Gigamesh

Genre: NuDisco, Future Bass, 80’s pop synth, Time Traveling music
Sounds like: Poppy Flume, Le Youth, Zimmer, Fred Falke, M83 (with less earth shattering sound), Mellowed out Clean Bandit, Disco Daft Punk

If you hate sunshine, green grass, and world peace, Gigamesh’s music may possibly not be catered to your tastes. With a sound deeply rooted in disco, house, and electronica and a song resume (does this exist? Please advise.) that includes Mike Posner’s ‘Cooler than Me’; one might make the mistake to write off the multi-platinum artist as just another “deep”/tropical house DJ. Regardless, we as open-minded creatives know better 😎.

With that in regard, here are a few selected tracks to help you capture the elegant essence of the Minneapolis-turned-LA based artist. Per his 2017-2018 tour, Gigamesh will be gracing the humble stage of Continental Bar Thursday June 8th 2017. Tickets to see him live, up close, and personal in Downtown San Jose are available HERE


All My Life ft. Jana Nyberg

80’s synth pop sound. For optimum audio experience, buy a plane ticket to Las Vegas, wait til the sun sets, then walk the strip. If you’re on a budget you can also rent Saints Row IV. Fun Fact: Someone on the MTV show, Catfish, tried passing off this song as his own. Thusly proving that this song maintains long distance relationships. 


The Music

Four minutes and fifty-one seconds of uplifting disco synths and vocals; pure happiness once described as “the perfect progressive house set opener”.

Control ft. Caroline Smith

A shimmery disco-funk reinterpretation of Queen Janet Jackson’s ‘Control’. Per Gigamesh’s soundcloud, this particular collaboration (featuring fellow Minneapolis native, Caroline Smith) serves as a humble homage to not only the 1986 album, but also the “Minneapolis Sound” which was pioneered by Prince in the late 1970s.


Scared To Be Lonely (Remix)

If you get past the first minute of this remix, you’ll find a healthy balance of jersey, disco, and future bass. This mix serves as a solid midpoint between the sounds of Wave Racer and Flume.


Promises LTD – Days of Lavender Remix

Sublime, mellow edit with nostalgic triggers. 


Fleetwood Mac – Dreams edit

With great respect to the 1970’s hit, Gigamesh manages to gracefully blend his signature sound with Fleetwood Mac’s soft rock. Some would complain that this interpretation of the song is too similar to the original. Yes…because it’s an edit. A really fucking good one. No, I’ve never gotten a light show to this song…. 


For a more in-depth look at his music, check out his debut album Time Travel. As someone who has seen him live, no online playlist could do him justice. Join us at TCS as we kick off our summer with Gigamesh at Continental Bar Thursday June 8th. Tickets available here

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